Coming Winter 2022 - Back Pocket Sales Coaching

Entrepreneurs + Sales Professionals everywhere are blowing up their revenue goals by focusing on improving their communication skills.

💡Because they know being smooth in conversations is the difference maker.


Having a sales expert in your back pocket is the fastest way to master the art of sales communication. 

Inside this membership, you will get access to new monthly content focusing on one area of growth, Michelle’s personal notes so that you know exactly what to say and when. #whatwouldmichellesay

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What People are saying about Michelle

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Created by Michelle Terpstra, a former Fortune 500 Sales Leader, and now Sales Coach and Offer Strategist for online entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service providers. Michelle is on a mission to help entrepreneurs master sales skills so that they can grow their businesses with ease, joy and purpose. She has helped nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs maximize revenue through her courses, coaching, and workshops.