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Ann Marie is a recovering “I-can-do-it-myself-er,” who has spent over a decade in the online space helping CEOs and entrepreneurs make more money. Her flair for transforming digital marketing strategy into sales revenue made her realize that sales isn’t a scary or bad word…it’s fun! Now she loves helping business owners improve their marketing, fill their pipeline, and make sales without filling their calendars to the brim.


Time Zone: HST

Wendy Brick is a social media marketer and sales strategist. Focusing on organic social media strategy and social selling in the most authentic way, Wendy has helped entrepreneurs and business owners sell their products and services, soaring them to monthly revenues at 750k and beyond. She shows that with the right organic strategy and a genuine approach, your ideal clients will be ready to not only trust you, but buy from you. 

Sales training, coaching and mentorship to help entrepreneurs master sales conversations and lead conversions that build their bank accounts.