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michelle terpstra, sales growth expert

Before starting the Startup Sales Leadership Institute, I spent a decade working in sales for 3 Fortune 500’s (yep! nearly 25,000 sales conversations and 2,100 sales presentations!), I found myself looking for more.

Now as the creator of the Startup Sales Leadership Academy™, a premier online training program that helps founders grow, build and train their sales teams, we are on a mission to help other businesses scale with a sales team.   

Over the years, we have served thousands of people through our digital courses, hundreds through our group coaching programs, and I have worked intimately with some of the largest brands in the industry as a Fractional Chief Sales Officer. 

We work hard, play hard and love our clients deeply. If you are looking to join a team like that, then you are in the right place. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

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Our Mission

The Startup Sales Leadership Institute (Michelle Terpstra, LLC) exists to light up the sales potential in every startup.

The Startup Sales Leadership Institute, spearheaded by sales growth wizard Michelle Terpstra, is committed to transforming founders into strong sales champions.

We're here to amplify your influence through your products, services, and programs, kickstarting a 'ripple effect' of success that echoes far beyond your immediate reach.

We're more than advisors; we're your partners in growth, helping you unravel the secrets of scaling sales, from stepping into sales leadership to building high-performing sales teams.

With us, you're not just learning to sell, but to lead, motivate, and shine.

Because we don't just say it—we show it. Come, let's write your sales success story together!


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Our Core Values