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What if you could enroll more clients in the DMs, without the sleaze

so that you can finally book out your 1:1 services, high-ticket courses and group coaching programs

How to Book More Discovery Calls in the DM

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What if you could...

Save Time: Book premium clients directly from social

You're already following your ideal dream clients on Instagram or Facebook. Let's save time and energy by tapping into your existing tools as efficiently as possible. No email, no front end funnel, no chat bots, no long-term content game. Just you and your dream client in a conversation where you're already hanging out together.

Have 100% Confidence: Know exactly what to say, every time

Never doubt your authenticity or fear the judgment of coming across as sleazy and salesy. Imagine how liberating you'll feel when you can trust yourself to say the right thing and know you can reach out to ANYONE! You can send the appropriate greetings to start a conversation and get your prospects to take the next step with you: book a call!

Save Money: $0 marketing costs with CPLs, CPCs and CPAs

Facebook ads have been a little wonky lately and Google Ads rarely convert high quality leads. Wouldn't it be nice to connect with a pool of qualified leads and book dream clients at $0 cost per acquisition? Maybe experience higher profits in your business this year? Connecting in the DMs will save you on marketing expenses because it's free.

This is my 3-step approach to successful conversations in the Direct Message:

Inside this free guide you’l learn:

Hi there, I'm Michelle!

Not so long ago, I was working for a Fortune 500 company and struggling to balance my drive for success and my desire to control my schedule and lifestyle.

Now, instead of running around town sales meeting to sales meeting, I have a booming online business that feels completely in alignment with my financial and lifestyle goals. I built this business quickly using my sales expertise, creativity and power to connect and convert my ideal clients on demand.

According to all the “gurus,” having fun and selling is impossible. However, if you ask the students of the Sales Success Lab, you will find out that this is simply not true. Persuasion, influence, confidence and leadership can be learned. Once this power is unlocked, you have access to any dream you desire. It is my mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs master these skills so that they can also grow their businesses with ease, joy and purpose.


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