You don’t have to (and shouldn’t be)...

...everything to everyone ALL OF THE TIME

Part of holding space to grow as the CEO...

…of your business is knowing when it’s time to outsource the parts of your business that might be holding you back from revenue growth or time freedom.

Growth is literally ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. Hiring people, managing people, coming up with company systems, meetings, relationship dynamics and letting go of “all the things” so that you can reach even the BIGGEST GOALS OF ALL.

The #1 thing that is holding back most online business growth is sales strategy and implementation.

It’s all about SALES.

Clients are clearly the lifeblood of business growth...

But often opportunities are missed...

…to enroll clients consistently, effectively and confidently.

Online business owners often wait too long to bring in a sales team thinking that there aren’t ready or it won’t work for them.

Both scenarios restrict your ability to hit next-level revenue targets.

The Startup Sales Leadership Institute was specializes in helping scaling founders scale with a sales team and we are amped to chat soon. 

- Michelle Vroom, The Dream Client Accelerator

- Veronica Hoddenbagh, VH Coaching


- Emily reagan, Unicorn digital marketing

- Lauren golden, free mama movement

Meet Michelle,

– the go-to-guest sales expert for online business owners

After 10 years working for 3 Fortune 500 Companies in sales, Michelle took all of her expertise and started a sales coaching business.

She booked out her private coaching business within a few short months and launched an elite group coaching program shortly after.

She hit multiple 6-figures in her first full year of business by teaching online entrepreneurs how to sell using her signature frameworks and methods.

She has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to create aligned selling systems for themselves and their businesses and has been featured in dozens of coaching programs as an expert in Sales.

Michelle is fondly known as the hype woman with a plan and you’re going to love having her as your fractional chief sales officer.

Michelle tailors her resources and training to your students or your team.

So you can rest assured that they are getting the best support to increase their revenue, which means better results for them and YOU!

And you can focus on what you do best.

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