Build a foundation for unstoppable sales and a business that fits your lifestyle with the POWER OF 3 signature training! 

Packed with video tutorials and templates you will have all you need to create an“easy yes” offer stack for your business.

Over 500 coaches, consultants and service providers have take this course, will you be the next success story?



the Sales success lab

Michelle teaches entrepreneurs how to monetize their audience by mastering sales conversations and leveraging high-converting modern sales strategies.

Sales mentorship designed and created to scale
with your business,
do these four things and you will skyrocket your sales...


Create a clear offer stack that appeals to your ideal client clearly and concisely so that you can monetize your audience with ease. Not only will you learn to convert more leads into paying clients, but you will also design your business to fit both your financial and lifestyle needs.


Master your messaging to foster a community loyal ravings fans! By understanding what motivates people to buy, you will learn to create an ecosystem of content that magnetizes your soulmate clients to want to work with you!  


Develop your influence and persuasion skills and always know what to say!  The most successful business owners are master networkers, build strong alliances and can communicate clearly and concisely during sales conversations. Let’s unlock your X-Factor and skyrocket your sales! 


Now it’s time to automate your enrollments and turn your attendees into clients for your signature offer through a mini email course. Have you taken the Power of 3 pricing, packaging and positioning training? See what I am talking about today. Yes, you can build something like this for your business too inside the Sales Success Lab. 

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"I've dubbed Michelle the persuasion wizard! What I love about her approach and teaching is that it's all based on having authentic and real conversations with people!"

Elizabeth Harris, Intuitive Health Coach

"Working with Michelle has transformed by business, given me confidence and enabled me to make money doing what I love."

Stephanie Dreyer, Batch Cooking Club

meet your host

I teach entrepreneurs how to monetize their audience by mastering sales conversations and leveraging high-converting modern sales strategies.   

As the creator of the Sales Success Lab, a premier online sales school, I have taught hundreds of business owners how to create irresistible offers and sell with ease. 

I believe that sales should be fun, ethical and profitable. 

My signature framework helps coaches, consultants and service providers create, implement and scale a stress free rinse-and-repeat sales system all while freeing up more and more time to do the things they love. 

Interested in having an expert sales coach support your group coaching program? 

I offer coaching and training support for the students of top business coaches, marketing experts and other online business owners that are looking to add additional value to their programs with sales support. 

If you would like to learn more, please schedule a call below. 


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After spending a decade working for 3 Fortune 500’s as a Sales Leader (yep! nearly 25,000 sales conversations and 2,100 sales presentations!), I found myself looking for more.

I went on to open and run a Toastmasters Club that helped high-achieving professionals master their messaging to gain new clients with ease. 

I said goodbye to my 9-5 to enjoy a life of time flexibility and financial freedom without compromising my ambition. 

Working with me means falling in love with selling, enjoying visibility and building a tribe client culture in your business. 

When I am not working, you can find me enjoying the ocean in Newport Beach with my husband and kids, enjoying Italian wine with my large family, riding my Peloton or shopping for yet another cute outfit at my favorite local boutique, Common Thread, with my girlfriends. 

I can’t wait to meet you! Michelle