Everybody wants their launch to sell Out

4 Key Components to have in place for a successful launch before you hit "cart open"

We’re not talking about the marketing launch events here… I’m talking about the work you put in to make human connection in the prelaunch and actually sell your course. or group coaching program when it’s over $2,000

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What if you could...

Know if your launch will be successful before it starts

Let's go into your next launch feeling confident about your offer and know that you've done the work to make the sales part easy.

Have eager-to-buy warm leads waiting to work with you

We don't want cricketville when you open the cart. Let's stack your pipeline with qualified, warm leads that you've been nurturing well before you publish the sales page.

Not depend on do-or-die webinar conversions

The bigwig business coaches teach live launch events like live webinars and challenges, which are not easy and very stressful. You can sell-out your program even when they didn't buy on the live.

Sales is everything.

Let’s pick up where other coaches leave off in live launching with the sales part.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

BONUS: My Launch Debrief, which explains the truth behind client journeys and where you should put your effort.  Plus one thing I did on my sales page that result in a 50K cash collected launch a

Hi there, I'm Michelle!

Not so long ago, I was working for a Fortune 500 company and struggling to balance my drive for success and my desire to control my schedule and lifestyle.

Now, instead of running around town sales meeting to sales meeting, I have a booming online business that feels completely in alignment with my financial and lifestyle goals. I built this business quickly using my sales expertise, creativity and power to connect and convert my ideal clients on demand.

According to all the “gurus,” having fun and selling is impossible. However, if you ask the students of the Sales Success Lab, you will find out that this is simply not true. Persuasion, influence, confidence and leadership can be learned. Once this power is unlocked, you have access to any dream you desire. It is my mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs master these skills so that they can also grow their businesses with ease, joy and purpose… and ultimately sell out their own programs and services.


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