Att: Coaches Launching Group Programs + High Ticket Courses With Live Events

(you are so close, you can taste it!)

The live workshop is now closed for enrollment. If you would like access to the upcoming release of this digital course, then secure 50% off by buying today.  Expected release is July. 

It’s Time To Master Social Selling, Sell Out Your Programs + Finally See The ROI On Your Launches

(you are so close, you can taste it!)


You've worked your tushy off in your business...

...to get where you are.

You've been implementing all the marketing tactics…

But when it comes to live launching, you want more SALES with ease!

What you want is to:

But, really, you WANT.IT.ALL!

And you want it all to feel good and fit your lifestyle and your experience.

Darn right you do! You worked hard to get here, but it’s time to master the ONE BIG THING keeping you from peaceful and profitable launches…

Problem is…

You've been searching for a way to do this in a way that...

But everything out there is leading you astray...

Because they’re basing their big promises
on 3 big myths...

...about what it takes to have a peaceful and profitable launch:

Myth #1

My on-stage sales pitch will do all the selling.


Myth #2

My emails will do all the selling that my pitch missed


Myth #3

Leads will get peeved and never buy if I reach out via DM


The thing is, the industry has a secret!

Sales success during a launch is actually all about human connection during and the simplest way to do that is with authentic social selling

You want to create a peaceful profit model...

...that allows you to grow your business with a scalable offer that reaches and impacts hundreds

What if I told you...

No way right!?


Don’t get me wrong, this IS NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Mastering selling can take time, but there are a few quick ways to see the results faster than you can imagine!

You’ll work super hard!

But only for 2 weeks...

Because ALL REAL businesses require showing up to build sustainable foundations, this doesn’t mean it’s difficult, it means that its dedicated and intentional work to achieve a goal and having fun is totally possible (actually expected, especially when you work with me 😉)


Hi, I’m Michelle,

You’re going to love having me as your hype woman with a plan!

I booked out my private business within a few short months and then launched my elite group coaching program, Sales Success Lab, shortly after. In just a little over a year, 45+ students have joined the lab. 

I consistently sell out my launches without overwhelm and teach my clients to do the same. 

And do you know how I did that?

I created and mastered an authentic social selling strategy for launching. 

I figured this out by using my sales psychology background combined with the deep desire to drive sales through connection, trust and authenticity… then guess what?

I figured this out by using my sales psychology background combined with the deep desire to drive sales through connection, trust and authenticity... then guess what?

Then I started teaching it and guess what?



Guess what that means for you?

Less time on social media, more time building relationships
and a higher profit margin.

Now I’ve reverse-engineered my journey, along with the most successful of my students, and packaged that up in 2-week experience you’ve NEVER seen before.

Say “hello” to a workshop designed to meet you where you are:
a cut above the rest...

Premium SOCIAL SELLING for Peaceful Profit

A 4-hour live interactive "GET IT DONE" workshop followed by 2 weeks of support to ensure you actually implement what you learned


Odds are with just one extra sale from just one launch,
you have already paid for this workshop.

Pretty, amazing, right?

What's Included in Live Launch Sales Hero?

What will we accomplish during the Live Launch Sales Hero workshop?

You will be beyond prepared to launch with a complete authentic social selling system and call in the right clients to your program or course.

Here’s what you’ll get done between the live workshop and our two weeks after: 

This is only for you if:

<< WARNING! >>

This program is not for you if you are the person likes to procrastinate or make excuses…

I’m asking you to make an investment, with your time and money!

We are going to work hard over 2 weeks but after that, you will have set up the vital growth foundations of your business so that you’re ready to grow quickly

Your Bonuses When You Sign Up!

Bonus 1

Discovery Call Success Pack

Gain confidence and consistently enroll clients with your sales skills

Instant access to my online training course on enrolling clients via discovery calls plus my Objection Handling Vault + Fortune Follow Up Formula.

Bonus 2

Live Launch Email + Social Posts
(Value $197)

Save hours of time + the cost of hiring a social media strategist.

All my emails and posts from pre launch to cart close with notes on why I created these and how to create them for yourself - remember a warm lead is always ready to buy!

Bonus 3

FB Group Questions + Funnel
(Value $597)

Create an automated pipeline on Facebook to feed your launch.

This is time-saving way to refresh your evergreen sales strategy of your Facebook group while collecting voice of customer data to use in your copy.

What It's Like To Work With Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my VA or team member as well?

Yes! There is a discounted rate for two people. You can bring a biz bestie or a team member. You will see the option at checkout.

Q: Will this workshop teach me how to fill my event or structure the live event (i.e. webinar or challenge content and strategy)

No. This workshop will be so packed that we won’t have time to cover these details. If you are looking for a service provider to help you with this, I am happy to refer you to some trusted sources.

Q: I don’t have a group or course idea, is this good for me?

It will be difficult to complete this workshop without a program in mind. All you need though is the program idea and outline. If you are struggling with this, but still want to attend then you can purchase the offer clarity coaching call at checkout. You will attend a special coaching session on May 18th at 12pm ESTso that you can gain clarity and be ready for Live Launch Sales Hero.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

I stand behind my program promise and I encourage you to absorb the candid and beautiful testimonials featured here, however, I can’t control the action you take so I can’t control your results. What I can control is how I show up, motivate you and show you the powerful path to premium peaceful profit through authentic social selling.

Q: How is this different from the Sales Success Lab?

SSL is my core group coaching program that is 12 months long and designed to provide a “choose your own adventure” for marketing and sales. This program is exclusively for those that want to live launch as a way to fill a high ticket course or group coaching program. SSL doesn’t have this requirement and is designed to support a more broad client base. SSL students will receive access to this recording as part of their annual membership at no additional cost or they can pay to attend live at a 50% discount. If you are interested in joining the lab, please email [email protected] to customize your purchase to include both the lab and LLSH.

Q: When will this workshop run again and how many spots are there?

Great question! This workshop is limited to 20 students. I will likely only run this program 2 times per year so don’t miss out now!

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop

No more worrying about how to implement a social selling strategy!


Repeat repeat repeat!

This is a strategic, efficient, fun and, most of all, peaceful way to next level your ROI on live launching.

Don't miss the opportunity to grab 1 of only 20 spots available.

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