Attention Online Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers & Agency Owners:

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To put this in perspective for you, fully half of my clients generate on average 7 to 8 figures a year and pay me anywhere from 6k to 50k to get the same coaching I’m offering you here….

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But why would you charge that little, I hear you ask?
Because I know, after working with thousands of online coaches, consultants and service providers that the ONLY difference between you and your online idols is that they have a sales coach (like me) in their back pocket.
And I want that for you too so you can win at this online business game.

Just $97/m – cancel anytime


Here’s what runs through your head every time you’re ghosted by a lead after a sales call:

❌ I don’t have the time to focus on getting better at sales – but really, you dont know where to start

❌ I don’t want to follow up with people because it feels pushy and awkward – but really you’re just scared of hearing no

❌ I’m just not consistent enough – that’s exactly why it’s important to have a strategy and a system that’s easy to follow and works!

❌ I never know what to say or do next – a common symptom of winging it #nojudgement #ivebeentheretoo

❌ I’m not even getting enough calls booked to get good at this – I get it, that empty calendar can be an absolute confidence killer

❌ Why is this so hard?! Maybe it’s my offer/pricing/lack of social proof – and the loop continues

OMG, it’s exhausting, isn’t it?


But imagine how different it would be if you had access to a battle-tested and proven method to reduce selling time and stress…

Just like the 1000+ coaches, consultants and service providers I’ve already helped find joy and ease with selling!

Here is what happens when you do that:

✅ Your calendar is booked solid with calls with the RIGHT people because you have a social strategy that’s simple, takes less than an hour a week and actually gets people on the phone with you

✅ Your sales calls are so easy now because they’re natural, and dare I say…. fun

✅ You’re not stressed out about follow up because you have a simple system that doesnt feel awkward and works!

✅ You understand that sales are just a conversation now so you’re no longer scared of objections and tackle them with ease

✅ 60-minute discovery calls are a thing of the past and have been replaced with a quick “fit-check-chat” which takes less than 30 mins…. EVERY TIME

✅ You never get stuck in the friend zone anymore (aka where HOT leads go to die)

✅ And WOWZA you are even closing deals inside messenger #goals

Because I know you want so much more for your business, you have #multi6figuregoals

So lean in and let me tell you how to get there!

It’s actually quite simple, all you have to do is:

🟢 Stop messing about with other overly complicated sales strategies and get really good at the only thing you need to reach multi 6-figures – sales calls

🟢 Be strategic with your social strategy and calls to action; all roads should lead to a sales calls with you – it’s that simple

🟢 Make sure you’ve priced yourself appropriately with a clear return on investment so that it becomes a no-brainer for the right person

🟢 Know exactly which sales activities are going to make the most impact on your revenue and do them EVERY DAY!

🟢 Have sales calls, get people into your pipeline and follow up – consistently!

Notice I never said anything about...

🔴 Creating 200 pieces of content every month, posting on a wing and a prayer

🔴 Focusing on vanity metrics like followers, likes and shares – you definitely dont need to be an influencer to make bank each month

🔴 Building 100 crazy complicated funnels

🔴 Running expensive hit-or-miss ads

🔴 Spamming people’s inboxes with generic messages and zero strategy until you get that ONE yes

🔴 Setting up affiliate marketing or sms marketing or bot marketing or whatever shiny new marketing strategy is the current trend of the day

But you do need to know how to sell.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can run a successful (multi-6-figures-successful) business without foundational sales skills.

And that’s exactly what I teach you in The Sales Success Lounge.

I’ll be honest with you:

Selling doesn't start out easy for anyone.

When I began my sales career as an outside sales executive 15 years ago… 

I had doors slammed in my face by annoyed receptionists.

I missed my sales goals...

I wasn’t getting inside the doors I needed to because I was new to the block and hadn’t yet built my reputation.

So I tried:

❌Bribing my way past receptionists with Starbucks

❌Going to Every Networking Event I Could Find

❌Offering discounts just to make the sale 

And that's when it hit me:

I was focusing too much on the things that didn’t matter, and I bet that you are too!
So I changed everything I was doing and thats when everything changed.

I finally started to see the results I'd been working for so long:

✅ Exceeding Sales Goals (climbing the charts!)
✅ Winning Awards for Competitive Knockouts (aka getting new clients to leave the competition for me)
✅ Being Recruited + Offered Top Sales Jobs (sometimes I even felt a little stalked! LOL)

Why is this great news for you?

I learned this all the hard way so that you don’t have to.
And it also means I truly know how hard it is.

You’re relying on yourself

You’re stressed out about cashflow

And when you’re not talking to the right people you’re always second guessing yourself

Which makes you wonder whether you’re truly cut out for this whole online business thing

But really, once you know what to focus on, and when, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

I have now coached and educated 1000+ people on my signature sales method, and I created this membership ONLY after discovering a learning shortcut that made all the difference for my students

So how does it work?


The fastest way to easy, natural and consistent sales!

Gain access to back-pocket coaching, on-demand answers…

And, if you JOIN TODAY, you also get this BRAND NEW 🔥 BONUS worth OVER $2k… 😱

A monthly done-for-you, up-to-date, and on-trend social strategy (curated by an award-winning sales strategist with the sole purpose of getting calls booked every darn day)


This is a GAME-CHANGER for your business because you get my strategic mind creating your organic marketing strategy (12-piece content strategy for emails, posts and videos that I show you how to turn into 36) every month based on whats working right nowand I normally charge my 1 to 1 clients $2k per month for this.

Welcome to

The Sales Success Lounge

Stop stressing about sales and start celebrating your success…

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

Here’s the mindblowing support that’s included when you join The Sales Success Lounge for only $97/m today:

You’ll also get instant access to all of this when you sign up today (worth over $5k when bought outside of this offer):

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

Oh and one more thing…

(I know, how could there possibly be more?)

Pay for the whole year upfront and not only save $300..
but also get a copy of my printed High-Performance Sales Habit workbook-style journal posted to your door with a personal message from Michelle (priceless 😘)

Will this actually work?

I know it will because after coaching 1000+ people, I know what works…

On demand access to quality answers A strategic social strategy thats hyper-focused on getting calls booked And a sales coach to keep you focused consistently and taking action

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

I have a question for you…

What if I can help you to get
just one extra sale this month?

I love celebrating my students’ wins…

But I also love that you can fund a whole year of this sales success by
making just one extra sale.

Do you think that this can help you do that?

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

Who is this for?

👉The lounge is for two specific people….


Online coaches, consultants or service providers who rely on sales calls as their bread and butter, wanting quick, quality, ethical, and high converting sales advice, but are limited on time.


Online entreprenuers who relies on sales commission looking for a back pocket sales mentor to help them earn more consistently.

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and so why do I need this?”

Then let me tell you this:

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

I swear by everything I share with you in this membership because it has made my clients go from worrying about paying bills to indulging in luxury vacations in less than just a few months…
and I want the same for you!

Go from crossing your fingers during each sales conversation ➤➤➤
To one call closes in just 30 minutes.

Stop trying complicated sales methods that are time consuming, hard to implement, rigid, ineffective or unreliable and ➤➤➤
enjoy battled-tested sales advice, quality coaching, and results. 

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤
get support, feedback, accountability, networking, and practice opportunities in our amazing members-only community.

Just $97/month – cancel anytime

Still have questions? We have answers!

A: As soon as you become a member, you have instant access to everything!

A: Yes! This is the perfect place to start because it will show you how sell which is THE MOST important skill you need. 

A: If you have made it all the way down this page to the FAQ, you know that you need additional support selling. Going from good to great or cutting down on selling time can change everything for you. If you have a team member selling for you, sign them up too! 

A: Sure, but at what cost to you? If this helps you get just one more client in the next 30 days, would it be worth delaying? 

A: Questions are answered by Michelle within 72 hours and added to the sales help desk. The group is always open for peer support. 

A: Love the initiative, friend! Yes, if you are looking to improve your sales skills and make more commissions, I’ve got you!

A: Absolutely! The Power of 3 Method is inside waiting for you and it’s the fastest way to create and sell your offers. Over 500 have already used it successfully! 

Sales training, coaching and mentorship to help entrepreneurs master sales conversations and lead conversions that build their bank accounts.