Have Your Wealth Generating, Lifestyle Aligned Offer
*Done* and Sold!

Finally get the clarity and confidence to structure, position and launch* an offer that will skyrocket your business straight to multi 6-figures in just 3 hours.

*My time tested, low stress, low tech launch method doesn't require a sales page, complicated strategies or a large audiences.

The Experience


The Investment

$5,000 USD pay in full

or payment plan ($2,750 x 2)

But hurry because there are only a few spaces available each month.

Bonus #1! - Let Michelle promo you! Michelle will email her list and post across her social media platforms showcasing you and your new offer!

Bonus #2! - 12-months of access to The Sales Success Lounge, the top sales coaching membership available! Network, learn, and get back pocket sales coaching by Michelle.

Level Up to BFF Status

Come join me in person for a full day together! We’ll get your offer sorted and then spend the rest of the day hanging out like BFF’s….

What’s Included: Everything above PLUS One night at a beautiful local hotel, a luxury spa treatment, dinner/drinks and the fabulous company of moi! 💋

*All you have to do is get yourself to Buffalo, New York or Newport Beach, California and I’ll take care of the rest.

The VIP Investment

$10,000 USD pay in full

or payment plan ($5,500 x 2 months)

Bonus #1- Let Michelle promo you! Michelle will email her list and post across her social media platforms showcasing you and your new offer!

Bonus #2- 90-Day Access to Michelle's Mastermind Group Coaching Calls! Yep! You get access to Michelle's premiere online sales mentorship program, access to all calls and you get to mingle with all the students (hello leads and biz besties!).


“I had the best time and can't wait to have some fun with this new strategy…

...if you’re in the healing space and think you have to shy away from asking for sales – you don’t!

It is so important for 5/6/7/Beyond practitioners to own their magic so the people that need their services can easily find them… and this fantastic human right here can you help you do that.

So much love for you Michelle Terpstra."

- Saoirse Clare McGovern

You’re either A or B...


You’re on the offer creation hamster wheel. Every month it’s a new offer and your head is spinning. You can’t stick with one long enough to see if it’s working and your audience is so confused they don’t even know what you’re selling.


You’ve got offer paralysis! You’re desperate to create a new offer but don’t know where to start and you’re filled with questions like, what if it’s not right for your audience? How the heck do you position it so that people love it? What if it doesn't sell?

Either way, it’s finally time to get off your tushy...

...stop procrastinating, worrying and holding back... it's YOUR time to create the perfect offer at this perfect moment for your perfect clients waiting for you!

Yes, it is!

I see you...

So if you’ve had it up to here with *coaching*...

...and just want someone to finally give you a PLAN that’s easy to follow and works, then you’re in...

...the right place.

Hi, I’m Michelle.

You’re going to love having me as your hype woman with a plan!

After 10 years working for 3 Fortune 500 Companies in sales, I decided to take all of my expertise and start a sales coaching business.

In my first full year business, I hit multiple 6-figures with less than 1000 people on my list.

And do you know how I did that?

I focused on just one offer, my signature offer, for an entire year and enrolled over 40 high ticket clients.

But guess what else happened?

People reached out to me about working with them privately, to train their students and their sales teams. This VIP day and every other offer outside of my signature offer were actually created because someone asked for it.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying you don’t have to only sell one thing, but focusing on one thing will bring in the bacon faster and other opportunities will present themselves naturally.

During this VIP experience, we map out your main offer, discuss what other offers blend nicely with it and then map out exactly how to launch and sell it. 

Might sound too good to be true, right? The success rate of this VIP experience speaks for itself- brand new memberships getting 35 new students in just weeks, sold out private coaching in just 2 weeks and 5-figure group program launches without sales pages. 

“Up until last week, when I sat down with my coach, Michelle Terpstra, for a three-hour call, I'd been struggling BIG time with clarity.

For months it's felt like I've been working and tweaking, and updating and fiddling, and spinning and basically running in place and getting nowhere fast.

So I decided I needed to hire a coach to bust through this block. I'm not talking about investing in another group program - the good Lord knows I have enough of those - I'm talking about hiring a BOMB expert to work with 1:1 who can help me bust through my clarity issues and catapult me to the next level.

And that's exactly what I did.

I had a three-hour intensive with my lovely, and oh so bubbly coach, Michelle, on Friday, and I've been on cloud nine ever since.

She reinvigorated me and I'm excited for what's to come. Things feel LIGHT and EASY at this moment, which I haven't been able to say for a while.”

- Camille Campins-Adams


Signature Offer
VIP Experience

with Michelle Terpstra

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