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SalesySocial™ replaces the time consuming tasks like manual CRM data input. Import leads instantly, automate follow up and leverage conversation templates. What used to take 20 hours per week to manage in spreadsheets, now takes 5. Simple, direct and easy to execute! 


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Michelle Terpstra is the sales growth expert who makes it rain for startups.

She’s the author of ‘High-Performance Sales Habits,’ founder of the Startup Sales Leadership Institute, and a sales maven who’s powered over a thousand companies to smash their sales targets. 

Michelle’s secret sauce? Cultivating killer habits, creating rock-solid sales systems, and molding top-tier sales teams.

Her expertise has seen the spotlight in Shout Out LA!, Thrive Global, Medium, and a long list of premier business-focused podcasts too numerous to count.

She’s even shared the stage with Chris Voss, the mastermind behind the bestseller “Never Split The Difference.”

Michelle’s mission with the Startup Sales Leadership Institute is simple but bold: to ignite a sales inferno in every startup, sparking a domino effect of success that resonates beyond each client.

She’s not just your consultant; she’s your co-pilot in the exhilarating journey of scaling sales.

She’ll guide you in transforming from a salesperson into a sales leader and from a team builder to a dream builder.

When Michelle’s in your corner, you’re not just learning the art of selling but mastering the science of leadership and motivation.

Friends and clients fondly know her as the hype woman with a master plan, blending digital marketing, social selling, and transforming traditional sales tactics into a potent blend that enhances conversions.

Offstage, Michelle is a beach-lover, party host, travel enthusiast, wine aficionado, and shopaholic. She enjoys hot yoga sessions, rides on her Peloton, and lives for family adventures.

With Michelle, it’s all about achieving balance, embracing challenges, and, most importantly, having fun on the journey.

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