Power of 3 Method

The easy yes offer creation course for coaches, consultants, and service providers  

…sell with confidence, increase your pricing, and make more sales to the audience you have right now.

Is this for you?

You’re amazing at what you do and you get incredible results for your clients but you know you could be earning so much more 


You’re ready for the next level in your business…


To build authority in your niche. Secure a waitlist and sell with ease...


So you can stop chasing leads -


And spend more time in your zone of genius.

Be the face of your brand. Engaging and building relationships.

The problem is you’re sitting on hot leads with no idea how to activate the audience you already have.

And when you talk about your offers - it’s crickets!

People really like you but you always end up feeling 

stuck in the friend zone… it’s just plain frustrating

You’ve probably already tried:

You’re not alone!

Most online business owners struggle to strategically price, package and position their offers.

But there is a better way. A way to:

Designing your offers is easy, when you know a bit of psychology

A bit of what now?!

Sales psychology, honey!

There are 3 simple rules to creating offers that sell like hotcakes:

If you can do all 3 things in your offer suite, you will serve more of your audience and increase sales..

Let's convert moreof your audience into paying clients.

Ready to rock and roll, friend?

Michelle Terpstra is a high-energy and fun-centric entrepreneur.

She always finds time to enjoy a heart-pounding Peloton ride or Hot Power Yoga class.

As a sales and offer creation strategist,

She helps entrepreneurs create aligned and profitable offers (at premium prices!) to make more sales.

Michelle spent over 10 years as a Sales Leader for 3 Fortune 500 Companies.

Then she created the Sales Success Lab.  A premier online sales school to help entrepreneurs go from believing sales have to feel hard, icky, and frustrating…into loving the sales process. Even looking forward to discovery calls!

In 2021 she helped over 500 business owners create and sell their offers.

Today Michelle is often referred to as the Doc of Sales. She’s wildly sought after as a guest expert coach.

She teaches inside some of the industry’s most well-known online coaching programs, serving the clients of Allie Bjerk creator of Tiny Offer Lab, Tasha DaCosta creator of the Boss Lady Studio and Lauren Golden, creator of the Free Mama movement to mention just a few.


Enter... the remedy!

Power of 3 Method

The complete guide to design a suite of easy yes offers, sell with ease, and fearlessly charge your worth.

Create a sustainable business model that ALL is scalable and easy to manage.

Price for premium AND get it. Without having to use sleazy tactics.

Activate your audience at levels to boost sales at any time.

Confidence, pricing, and everything in between.

Yup, it’s 100% possible now thanks to... … The Power of 3 Method! This framework will help you ditch pricing fear and monetize more of your audience with a signature offer suite - so you make CEO moves in your business.

"Just enrolled a new client on a zoom call. Within 20 mins she had paid and we start next week."

- Caryn Rich

You’ll walk away with:

What's Included in Power of 3:

Step 1: Create Your Signature Offer (and repackage into 3 different levels!)

In module 1, you’ll get my proven method for pricing, packaging, and positioning your signature framework into a low, middle, and high ticket offer stack. Don’t have a framework yet? No problem… you’ll get a full breakdown of how to create your signature framework.

You’ll walk away with:

Step 2: Price the Right Way!

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn a way to price your offers to show up feeling empowered and ready to welcome your new client at whatever stage of business they are in. You’ll learn how to price for profit, time, and what you’re actually delivering. This will make your potential clients feel supported and confident in your abilities to help them, and you feel calm, professional, and free as you grow a scalable and sustainable business.

You’ll walk away with:

Step 3: Design Your Visual Sales Tool

You will end the course with a perfectly designed offer stack visual representation to share with potential new clients during sales conversations. Get ready to hear more heck yes responses NOW!

You’ll walk away with:

Power of 3 Method

I’m giving you everything you need to repackage your services at 3 different levels so you can convert more leads effortlessly.

(Meet leads where they are at… and they come back with friends. Every time!!!)

Plus, a Canva template to easily share your offers during sales conversations… and move potential customers into action!

Power of 3 Method

Today's Price $47

michelle is ready to help you right now!

I’m so committed to helping you win at selling,
there’s even more...

Bonus 1

Promo Pass (Value $500)

Share your Power of 3 canva offer template inside Hello to Closed. A community of 1400+ engaged online business owners. Students have gotten sales doing just this one thing!

Bonus 2

Pricing & Offer Creation Coaching (Value $500)

Get micro coaching from me (not a team member!) each step of the way as you submit homework to my group Hello to Closed for review

Bonus 3

Feedback by Michelle (Value $500)

When you are all done, I will personally send you a voice note via messenger (DM) to provide customized, 1-to-1 feedback.

Bonus 4

Live Training Replay Vault (Value $1000)

In addition to the course modules, you get recorded group coaching calls for each module to make it super easy to implement at each stage! There are 5 total.

If you closed just ONE sales call from using this system, what would be your possible revenue?

$1500 for a new client? $2000 for a new project?

And all from a $47 product?!

Are you kidding me?! What do you have to lose?

Get Started Now!

for $47

Yes, really!

This training is for you if:

This is not for you if:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more support?

If you are looking for more support, I would love to welcome you into the Sales Success Lab.

I sell products, is this right for me?

Great question! This is not a great fit for those that sell products or are focused on ecommerce. 

When do I get access to the lessons, tutorials, templates and resources?

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your materials. If you don’t receive it within 2 hours please check your spam folder and then contact me at [email protected] if you still can’t find it.

You could leave today and keep undercharging, constantly reinventing the wheel on your offers, and self sabotaging your own success...

Or you can buy the Power of 3 Method and start to design your signature offer suite in less than an hour!

Money-back guarantee:

I promise that you CAN do this.

But the best part is… you don’t even have to believe me!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the bonuses within 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, if you can show me that you went through all the videos and implemented the framework and didn’t see any difference to your conversion rates.

That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

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