May 16th – May 22nd

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How to price, package and position your offer stack for unstoppable sales!

Create an "easy yes" offer stack using the POWER OF 3 for your online business that will convert more of your audience into paying clients all while freeing up more time and crushing sales goals.

During this training, you're going to learn...


How to design irresistible offers that you feel confident
selling and your clients can’t wait to buy! 

We will ensure your offers include elements
that will motivate your clients to say “yes” without


Learn how to properly research “competition” in order to create an uncontested marketplace where “competition” becomes obsolete.


How to leverage the POWER OF 3 to turn more of your audience into paying clients. 

Using this strategy, you will sell more of your high ticket offers with ease!

You will end the week with a perfectly designed offered stack along with a visual representation of your offers to share with your potential new clients during sales conversations so that you can hear more heck responses NOW!

THIS training IS FOR YOU IF...

"Power of 3 just helped me add $4,000 to my launch... so glad I added a premium tier!"

Masha Goins, Instagram Coach

"Completely revolutionized my business and finally enabled me to generate a profit in my business."

Stephanie Dreyer, Batch Cooking Club

meet your host

My POWER OF 3 TRAINING has been used by over 500 online entrepreneurs!

It has personally helped me…

  • Book out my private coaching business in just 4 months. 
  • Sell $32,000 in sales during my first group program launch. 
  • Accelerate my know, like and trust inside my group which in return has generated consistent sales conversations (direct to me!) which are high converting, low stress and objection free. 

For these reasons, I love teaching this step-by-step process to my students so that they too can experience these types of results. 

I used my background in corporate sales to help bring big business sales strategy to online entrepreneurs. 

This is the first time my training is available with live Q&A sessions so don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

XOXO, Michelle


Seven pre-recorded training videos and Five Live Q&A Sessions: 

Sunday, May 16th: 1st Training is released

Monday, May 17th: 2nd Training is released + Live Q&A Call @ 12:00pm PST

Tuesday, May 18th: 3rd Training is released + Live Q&A Call @ 10:00am PST

Wednesday, May 19th: 4th Training is released + Live Q&A Call @ 10:00am PST

Thursday, May 20th: 5th Training is released + Live Q&A Call @ 10:00am PST

Friday, May 21st: 6th Training is released + Live Q&A Call @ 10:00am PST

Saturday, May 22nd: 7th Training is released + Michelle will send private feedback to you on your final offer stack!

All Live Q&A Sessions will be recorded and Michelle will answer as many questions as she can during the 60 minute session.

You will have access to the trainings and recorded Q&A sessions for 30 days. This live training series is designed for action takers that are ready to do this NOW. 

Great question! This is not a great fit for those that sell products or are focused on ecommerce.  

Do You Still Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at  hello@michelleterpstra.com or chat with us directly!

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