For entrepreneurs who are true experts in their niche…

It’s time to ditch every marketing tactic you (secretly) can’t stand and peacefully enroll premium clients with a simple, sustainable sales system
- that actually works

(so you can finally step onto your stage and claim your future)

It’s time to ditch every marketing tactic you (secretly) can’t stand and peacefully enroll premium clients with a simple, sustainable sales system
- that actually works

(so you can finally step onto your stage and claim your future)

You've worked your tushy off in your business... get where you are. You've finally cracked those elusive consistent 4-figures…

But it still doesn't feel easy!

What you want is to:

But, really, you WANT.IT.ALL!

And you want it all to feel good and fit your lifestyle and your experience.

Darn right you do! You worked hard to get here!

Problem is…

You've been searching for a way to do this in a way that...

But everything out there is leading you astray...

Because they’re basing their big promises
on 3 big myths...

...about what it takes to build a 6-figure business:

Myth #1

You have to have 1000's on your email list


Myth #2

You have to have 10 different offers and launch 100 times a year


Myth #3

You have to spend every waking moment on SM


The thing is, the industry has a secret!

It's actually all about who you link arms with…

You want to create a peaceful profit model...

...that allows you to grow your business AND still take time off whenever you want

What if I told you...

No way right!?


Don’t get me wrong, this IS NOT a get rich quick scheme. In fact, you’ve probably never seen anything like this before!

You’ll work super hard!

But only for the next 90 days...

Because ALL REAL businesses require showing up to build sustainable foundations, this doesn’t mean it’s difficult, it means that its dedicated and intentional work to achieve a goal and having fun is totally possible (actually expected, especially when you work with me 😉)


Hi, I’m Michelle,

You’re going to love having me as your hype woman with a plan!

After 10 years working for 3 Fortune 500 Companies in sales, I decided to take all of my expertise and start a sales coaching business.

I booked out my private business within a few short months and then launched my elite group coaching program, Sales Success Lab, shortly after. In just one year, over 40 students have joined the lab and I continue to serve my 1:1 clients.

I am set to hit multiple 6-figures this year with less than 1000 people on my list.

And do you know how I did that?

I formed strategic partnerships, became the ONLY person to go to when you want to learn about sales (aka a celebrity in my niche) and I created a system for selling that runs on autopilot…well almost 😉. I mean, I still have to show up and do the work, right!?

I figured this out by looking back at the SOURCE of each and every client that came to me and guess what?

Over 80% were warm leads brought in by my referral partners.

Then I looked at the top success stories of my clients and guess what?


Guess what that means for you?

Less time on social media, more time building relationships
and a higher profit margin.

Now I’ve reverse-engineered my journey, along with the most successful of my students, and packaged that up in a program you’ve NEVER seen before.

Say “hello” to a program designed to meet you where you are:
a cut above the rest...

Sales Success: Unplugged

Premium Offers for Peaceful Profit

A 10-week application only high touch group program for coaches, consultants and service providers who want a fun, sustainable and peaceful approach to selling premium offers online.


Your Sales Success Map

Week 1

Create Your Sales Map

The first step to predictable sustainable peaceful profit is mapping out your client journey.
You’ll walk away with a clear understanding and professional visual of what it takes to convert leads into high paying clients for long term sustainable growth.

Week 2

Your Collaboration Partner Strategy

Create a constant flow of dream clients by ethically tapping into other peoples audiences (these win-win partnerships will be easy yeses!)
You’ll walk away with an extremely lucrative, low-stress way to consistently create a flow of quality leads.

Week 3

Start Booking Those Collaboration Gigs

Set up an easy and scaleable system to fulfill your new collaborations so everyone wins.
You’ll walk away with swipe files for outreach, guest promos and more!

Week 4

Your Premium VIP Offer

Create the perfect VIP offer for your new influx of quality leads as those collaborations pay off. One that is easily systemized so you can reach your income goals easily. (Listen how Elizabeth made $18k in 3 weeks with her group program! She's sold it out 3 times since, without ever launching, using ads or emailing her list consistently)

Week 5

Your Signature Client Success Framework

Create your signature framework to make sure EVERY client has success and joy working with you. This is the most valuable asset for your business and can be adapted for every offer you create from here on after.
You’ll walk away with a system to create unforgettable VIP experiences for your clients.

Week 6

Your Dream 100 Client List + Pipeline Management System

Next up is your system for managing and tracking leads so you know exactly where they are in the sales cycle and how to move them along without working so hard.

Week 7

Your Automated Discovery Call Booking Sequence

Now, you’ll need to automate your discovery call booking system so that those dreamy clients are automatically primed and ready to buy before they even book that call.

Week 8

Discovery Call Mastery

Close those calls with authenticity using my Empowered Yes Formula. I’ll teach you how to close 80% of your calls in less than 30 mins. Spoiler Alert: The booking sequence you create in week 7 will mean most of the work is already done so they'll be ready to buy.

Week 9

Your Discovery Call Rinse + Repeat Formula

Start building relationships with your hot leads with an authentic direct outreach that actually gets responses. Alongside a few other social selling methods that will help you close more leads right now!

Week 10

Advanced Automation For Your Sales Process

Create a master marketing and sales calendar that you can put on repeat and combine that with the power of automation and you are set up for limitless profit.

I don’t just teach what I preach - I practice it, too.

This is a high-touch, high-quality, premium offer
for just the right people

And it’s limited to 5 participants so I have ample time and dedication to each one of you.

What's Included in Sales Success: Unplugged

This is only for you if:

<< WARNING! >>

This program is not for you if you are the person that likes to sleep in, procrastinate, make excuses and then go to bed early…

I’m asking you to make an investment, with your time and money!

We are going to work hard over the next 10 weeks but after that, you will have set up the vital growth foundations of your business so that you’re ready to grow quickly

Your Bonuses When You Sign Up!

Bonus 1

Leverage Client Success Stories For New Sales ($297)

Social proof is the #1 fastest way to never hear another “no” on a sales call! Including how to create a testimonial tsunami in your business so that more clients want to work with you!

Bonus 2

Financial Literacy (Value $197)

Understand what matters so that taxes and bookkeeping doesn’t hold you back from making money with Shannon Palmero, My personal Badass Bookkeeper

Bonus 2

Speaking Mastery + Training Deck Swipe (Value $297)

Motivate on stage, engage listeners and generate abundant leads with confidence by mastering speaking. Yes! You get my training swipe deck too!

Pay in Full Bonuses

For The Action Takers!

Allie Bjerk’s Tiny Offer Lab DIY (valued at $1997)

Learn to create lucrative low ticket products for passive income using paid traffic with 2 Comma Club Recipient, my mentor and client, Allie Bjerk.

12 Month’s Access to Tasha DaCosta’s Boss in Business Membership (valued at $997)

Build a beautiful WordPress Website with my client and branding boss! Don’t let “I don’t have a good enough website to sell premium offers” excuse hold you back any longer!

Veronica Hoddenbagh’s Hustle Free Promo Plan
(valued at $297)

Social media time freedom advocate, client and guest coach inside Sales Success Lab. Get her signature formula that breaks up daily tasks (5 minutes or less), weekly tasks (30 minutes or less), monthly tasks (60-90 minutes or less), showing up consistently to promote your biz on Social Media to drive traffic right to you!

What It's Like To Work With Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

When will applications be reviewed?


When are the weekly trainings and Q&A sessions held?

Every Wednesday 12:30pm-2:00pm EST starting November 3rd, 2021 and finishing on Wednesday, January 26th. No trainings will be delivered over the holidays (Wednesday, November 24th, Wednesday, December 22nd, Wednesday December 29th).

What other costs will I incur?

I will recommend software and automation tools throughout the program that will not exceed $200 per month HOWEVER you are already likely using similar tools so this is an optional exchange for better ones (i.e. Active Campaign, Text Message Services etc…) so you will likely NOT be increasing overall software spend.

What if I am not ready for this program but want to be soon?!!!

I would highly recommend purchasing my Power of 3 and Discovery Call Success Pack products so that you can get consistent $2000k+ months quickly.

Is there a guarantee?

I stand behind my program promise and I encourage you to absorb the candid and beautiful testimonials featured here, however, I can’t control the action you take so I can’t control your results. What I can control is how I show up, motivate you and show you the powerful path to premium peaceful profit.

How is this different from the Sales Success Lab?

SSL is my core group coaching program that is 12 months long and designed to provide a “choose your own adventure” for marketing and sales. This program is exclusively for those that want to offer premium programs/services. SSL doesn’t have this requirement and is designed to support a more broad client base. The good news is that the 40 power houses that are in there will also be on your networking calls and sales call role play sessions so you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with them!!

Does my niche matter?

Yes, it does. This program is designed to teach you to sell high-end premium offers so it’s vital that you have chosen a niche that is calibrated to want and need premium offers. If you sell to one of the following, you are in GREAT shape: Business Owners, Corporations, Corporate Leaders, Professional Speakers, Authors, Busy Working Parents, Ambitious Professionals. Coach Examples: Career Coaching, Health Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Financial Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching, Public Speaking Coaching, Parenting Coach, Productivity Coaches, Public Speaking Coaches, Conflict Management Coaching, Coaching for Single Parents, Coaching for Couples, ADHD Coaching, Sleep Coaching for Babies, Divorce Coaching, Marketing Coaching, Team Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Ads Coaching, Copywriting Coaching, Branding + Website Coaching, eCommerce Coaching, Money Mindset Coaching, Grant Writing Coaches, Facebook and Instagram Coaching, Pinterest Coaching, Podcast Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching, Executive Coaching, CEO coaching, Coaching for DeCluttering, Photography Coach, Salary Negotiation Coaching, College Admission Coaching, Personal Style Coaching, Goal-Setting Coach, Habits Coaching, Success Coaching, Accountability Coaching and the list goes on!!! Service/Agency: Marketing, Social Media, Website, Sales Funnels, Ads, PR, Copywriting, YouTube. Not sure? Email [email protected] and I will let you know!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you will have the option to pay in instalments however I recommend paying in full to save money and access PIF bonuses. Please be resourceful- i.e. interest free credit cards and PayPal credit are both great ways to do so! There is no shame in leveraging these resources- remember most successful businesses take out loans, borrow money or seek investor capital. Don’t underestimate what it takes to make it. I leveraged $25k in credit card debt (interest-free!) and paid it off in 90 days because I focused on selling premium offers.

Is this a good program for me if I work a 9-5?

Yes! As long as you can show up to the weekly calls and carve time for our private 30-minute calls, this is actually the perfect opportunity to create exactly what you need to replace and exceed your 9-5 income.

How will you help me stay organized and on task?

I have spent a small fortune learning how to best teach for results and action. This program is designed to literally carve the path and remove distractions. You will be assigned daily tasks, learn to track them and be held accountable throughout the program for all these actions. Just show up and do the work!

When will this program run again and how many spots are there?

Great question! This elite program is limited to 5 students. I will likely only run this program 2 times per year so don’t miss out now!

This is a one of a kind program

No more list, launch, scale, repeat!

Repeat repeat repeat!

This is a strategic, efficient, fun and, most of all, peaceful way to take your business over the 15k per month mark (in less than 6 months).

Don't miss the opportunity to grab 1 of only 5 spots available.

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