Replace yourself with a highly scalable sales system and say goodbye to endless sales calls and DM convo’s forever!

I know you. You're a total boss, right?

Built this amazing business from scratch, poured your heart and soul into it. 

But now, you’re stuck at a crossroads.

You’re the CEO but it doesn’t feel like it because you’re also your business’s entire sales team. And all those sales calls, they just never end.

Your inbox is overflowing with leads but you can’t keep up with them all.

Your pipeline is, well… written down on a sticky note somewhere. You really should systemize it but when you’re doing all the selling and it’s “all up here” it’s just not your top priority.

You’re hungry for more growth, for freedom, for a chance to have some real time off. 

Not “off on social media” but secretly working in a closet somewhere – really and truly off!

But right now, you’re so caught up in the daily grind that the idea of a holiday seems like a dream.


CEO Sales Bottleneck;

When you, the CEO and visionary of the company, are also the solo salesperson.

You can’t take a break because your sales would come to a grinding halt and you can’t grow because you’re either glued to your phone selling in the DMs or you’re in sales calls all day.

So what do you do?

Keep struggling in the cycle of solo selling and burnout OR hand over sales to an external team and lose control?

It’s a tough call. 

But it doesn’t have to be…

There’s a secret third option that nobody else is talking about in the online space… one that keeps you as the face of your business but still allows you to hand off the act of selling.

You can have everything you want without sacrificing your company’s revenue and reputation.

"I see our sales process and the whole opportunity in a completely different way after working with Michelle."

We have been able to re-design our sales process in a way that feels much more strategic, easy, and achievable. I never loved sales, but now I am excited by it, and Michelle showed me ways I could grow my business and my team without having to be the main chief salesperson. Highly value and recommend her wealth of experience and knowledge she shares with her clients.”

Raimonda Jankunaite, CEO + Founder, Women In Business

Enter a world where your calendar ISN’T overflowing with sales calls:

A world where an organized and SCALABLE sales system is bringing in more conversions than you could have ever dreamed of handling single-handedly.

A place where leads turn into sales without ever having to press that big blue button on Zoom again!

Sound like a dream?

Well, buckle up buttercup

…because I’m about to make it your reality.

I call it...


The tried-and-tested framework for recruiting, training, and managing an in-house sales team, so you can end the CEO Sales Bottleneck for good.

F = Fundamental tools & systems

Your sales team needs the best tools to achieve top performance. Think of success standards, scorecards, meeting structures, sales huddles, and tech tools. These are the elements that elevate your sales operations, saving you time and resources while increasing your team’s performance. 

R = Revamping offers

Almost every offer needs to be tweaked and adjusted for a sales team to sell it. Doing so is actually quick (when you know how), increases profit, and simplifies selling.

E = Effective lead gen

The waters between marketing and sales often get muddied for online business owners. But the secret actually lies in creating a clear distinction between the two. We need to develop a rinse-and-repeat strategy that only channels the most qualified leads and prospects which allows your sales team to step in and effectively work their magic.

E = Exceptional Sales Leadership

Go from a cycle of non-stop sales calls to confidently stepping up as the leader and CEO of your company. Trade in 30 hours of weekly sales calls for just 10 hours spent strategically – reviewing calls, conjuring up winning strategies, sparking enthusiasm in sales meetings, and steering daily huddles. You’ll need support and guidance to totally crush it but once you find your stride, it’s like you’ve opened the door to a whole new world.

D = Dynamic Pipeline

Consider your pipeline as the beating heart of your sales operations. If your sales team isn’t constantly feeding and managing it, you’re staring at a slow descent into stagnation. Here we need to bring your pipeline to life by forecasting sales, spotting leaks, identifying opportunities, and keeping your team on their toes with an iron-clad accountability system.

O = Organized CRM

CRMs are jam-packed with automation and time-saving features that are essential for optimizing your sales team’s productivity. Here’s the kicker: I’m going to show you how your first sales team hire is your virtual assistant named “CRM” – my little inside joke!

M = Mastery through training

Mastery in sales doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of targeted, methodical training. Unfortunately, most underestimate the power of a robust training system, either overlooking its critical role or assuming it’s a huge task to implement. But it’s not just possible, it’s also the path to incredible results – with happier, more skilled reps as a cheeky little side effect.

I know! It sounds crazy.

‘A sales team? For an online business?’ But hear me out. 

This is the secret sauce that all major corporations use to scale. 

And you can too…

Imagine your life, not too far from now. 

Sales are no longer dependent on you.

You’re finally able to reclaim your role as the leader, and focus on your business’s key areas of success:

You’re also able to take some much-needed (and deserved) time off – traveling, spending time with family, or simply kicking back and enjoying the ride.

Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s not. 

It’s perfectly achievable. And I’m here to show you how.

"Not sure how you do it, Michelle, but whatever magic it is, it works!"

“Since working with you, sales are coming in faster than usual, and my team is crushing it!”

Mike Fallat, CEO + Founder, Dreamstarter Publishing

I'm Michelle Terpstra,

I’ve spent a decade working for three Fortune 500 companies. Now I help thousands of online coaches, consultants, and service providers crush their sales goals.

Back when I was a 24-year-old territory manager for Thomas Reuters (one of my first-ever sales jobs), I was placed in a super competitive market with colleagues that had way more experience than I did.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to compete at such a high level – but I did.

I accredit my success to one thing (that most companies either don’t know or cut corners doing and it bites them in the booty)…

They had the best onboarding and training experience I’ve ever been through.

They flew us out to New York and we spent a week in a hotel with all the new territory managers. They put us through intensive training on their products and how to sell them.

I was already an A+ salesperson; that’s why they hired me.

But the training they put us through showed me how to sell their products to their market.

From day one, they set us up for success.

I ended up becoming their new hire mentor, which was another amazing opportunity because I got to take all those new territory managers and help them be as successful as I was.

For the first time ever, you get the advantage of me being virtually right there with you as I guide you through the ins and outs of building, training, and retaining your very own rockstar sales team. This is the same process big corporations use but tailored (using those 10 years’ worth of experience I mentioned 😉) to fit the needs of smaller online businesses. And without the $100k fees, which is what you’d usually shell out to bring on a Fractional Chief Sales Officer – like me – to help you navigate this very process.

Basically, I’m making my role redundant with this offer, all so you can take back the reins as CEO and reclaim your precious time.


Some of the biggest names in the online biz space; Your Virtual Upline, Goodlife Institute, The Litt Factor, Allie Bjerk, The Free Mama Movement with Lauren Golden, Dr. Beth Westie, 7-Figure MSP, Women In Business, Dream Starters Publishing, Leading Ladies with AliceAnne Loftus.

Welcome to a life where you are not just the boss, but also the leader who empowers others to succeed…

Startup Sales Leadership Academy

The comprehensive sales mastery program for ambitious CEOs who want to scale their business, build a powerhouse sales team, and transition out of founder-led sales without losing their personal touch or diminishing their brand’s value.

Experience an incredible surge in your revenue as your well-equipped sales team brings in new clients and upsells existing ones with a strategy you can trust.

Kiss those endless sales calls goodbye. With a capable sales team at the helm, so you can focus on the things only a CEO can – strategic growth, innovative ideas, or perhaps even some time off – I know, when was the last time you had any of that?

You won’t just attract any salesperson. You’ll bring in top-notch professionals who align with your vision, armed with the tools to sell your unique offerings.

With an optimized lead generation funnel and a sales strategy in place, you’ll have a predictable sales forecast. No more guessing games.

Your sales won’t hinge on any one person’s efforts, not even yours. You’ll have a complete system in place that will allow your business to thrive even if key players step aside.

Your custom-built sales CRM will provide you with the key metrics you need to stay informed, make strategic decisions, and maintain control over your sales process.

This Is What Freedom Looks Like

With the Startup Sales Leadership Academy, it’s not just about hitting the numbers; it’s about creating a robust sales system that works for you, so you can finally enjoy all that hard work you’ve put in over the years.

Oh and FYI, you’ll also be leaps ahead of the competition because I haven’t met a scaling CEO yet that already had a scalable sales system in place… I mean, before they met me of course! 

"Michelle, it's mind-blowing what you have put together."

“I feel empowered to grow my business with a strategic sales process that includes a new sales professional. I can’t thank you enough; this was an incredible experience.”

Dr William Lewis, CEO + Founder, Willhouse Global


Roadmap To Freedom

Module 1: Mapping Out Your Sales Strategy

Create and customize your startup’s sales map so you can identify opportunities for engagement, address their pain points, and ensure maximum sales are generated at every touch point.

We’ll cover topics like how to:

Module 2: Creating Your Compensation Structure

Compensation and recognition are vital in motivating and retaining a high-performing sales team. Together we’ll create a comprehensive compensation plan that includes bonuses, commission structures, and ongoing rewards but is also ultimately aligned with your business objectives and drives results.

We’ll cover topics like:

Module 3: Defining Roles, Goals, and Controls

Without clearly defined roles and expectations, the organization and the sales process will stall. Here we’ll go through the importance of clearly defining roles within your sales team, understanding the roles of the founder and sales professional, and building an effective sales team structure. You’ll be guided to let go of your responsibilities so that you can graduate from the gridlock of single ownership to the freedom and flexibility of a true CEO.

We’ll cover topics like:

Module 4: Making Your Offer Irresistible and Sellable

Most founders intuitively know how to position their product to sell, but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently easy to sell. When hiring a new sales team member, it becomes crucial to make your offer easy for them to sell as well. Here you’ll learn how to set your new sales team member up for success by positioning your offer so it’s always an easy yes, increase customer value, and drive revenue. This is the difference between mediocre gains and massive profits.

We’ll cover topics like:

Module 5: Mastering The Art of Lead Generation, Qualification, and Prospecting

You can go bankrupt trying to generate leads that never close, or you can learn how to qualify, manage, and close the leads you have. In this module, you’ll learn the exact funnel sequences that prepare and qualify your leads for purchase.

We’ll cover topics like:

Module 6: Customizing Your Personal CRM and Sales-HQ

It’s impossible to measure success without measuring success. We’ll go through the importance of your CRM in sales success and the best practices for using a CRM to manage leads and track progress. I’ll show you how to use your database to track leads and sales and keep your new sales team member trending toward maximum profitability.

We’ll cover topics like:

Module 7: Custom-Made, Branded Sales University & Toolkit

These two resources are worth over $100k alone and are your secret weapons to transforming your new recruits from mediocre closers to stand out star professionals who sell your offers with ease.

The Sales University is like a training ground tailored just for your team. It’s not “off-the-rack”, this baby is designed to fit you and your business perfectly. It’s where your salespeople learn all about what makes your company unique, how to sell your products, and the best sales methods and processes in the biz.

The Sales Leadership Toolkit is your leadership bible. It’s where you and your sales leaders can find all the info and tools to guide your team to success, spot growth opportunities, and make your sales processes as smooth as a baby’s bum.
Between these two resources, you’ll get dozens of swipes, templates, scripts, and resources, saving you HUNDREDS of hours. And you know what?

I’m the only sales coach in the industry offering this!

Here’s what you get:

Module 8: Hiring Your First, or Next A-Team Sales Professional

Don’t hire people who don’t know how to sell. We’ll go through how to identify the right candidate for your business, develop a recruitment plan that attracts top talent, and interview and select the right sales professionals for your team. You’ll also develop a hiring process and interview techniques prioritizing the skills and attributes you need.

We’ll cover topics like:

The best part of the Startup Sales Leadership Academy?

You might be thinking, “Gosh, this sounds like it could take a year to get through because it’s SOOOOO comprehensive.”

But here’s the deal – it won’t. With your very own CSO and sales growth expert (that’s me!) in your corner, you’ll be nailing it, putting all this wisdom into action, and seeing those sweet benefits in as few as five weeks.

How’s that sound?

“Literally everything I could have ever wanted is there…"

“…It’s going to save you hundreds of hours.”

Vianney Wilson, CEO & Founder, MRR Secrets

I know you’re ready to hear all about…

Your Investment

Startup Sales Leadership

$ 2997
  • Startup Sales Leadership is the best fit for someone who wants to dig in and get it done on their own schedule.
  • 8 x Training Modules, 12 hours of step-by-step guidance (value $10k)
  • Plug + Play Sales Leadership Toolkit (value $10k)
  • Plug + Play Sales Training University (value $10k)
  • 50+ swipes, templates, scripts, & resources to make implementation and hiring a breeze (value $25k)
  • Implementation trackers for you and your team to execute with ease (value $5k)
  • 10+ drag and drop sales training for your team to reach peak performance faster (value $10k)
  • 10 x Recorded Group Coaching Calls From Previous Coaching Sessions with Michelle (value $10k)
  • 5 x Copies of the High-Performance Sales Habits Workbook (value $100)



“The quality of your content, support, interventions and resources are top notch and superb."

They are easy to execute and leave no questions to be answered. I’m 100% sure that your support will help me to scale my newest product and develop a world class sales team.”

Lani Dickinson, CEO + Founder, Thrive on Purpose 

“During the process I reviewed my offer landscape..."

“…and improved so many things on the backend of my business. This is way more than preparing a Sales University for my in-house team.”

Juliana Gantcheva, CEO+Founder, Juliana Joy Coaching



I just hired a sales rep, am I too late to benefit?

No, it’s great timing, and now you can leverage your sales team’s time to help you work through the implementation faster. She will be ever better at sales and throw this process with you!

I tried a sales team before, but it didn’t work out. Why would this?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of expertise in building a high-performing sales team for online businesses. It’s why I created this product. I typically see three reasons past efforts have flopped:

Follow the steps inside this program, and you will see the success you desire.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a third party or agency to close sales, they have guarantees, and they do all the work?

Ever heard the saying if it’s too good to be true, it is? This is smoke and mirrors marketing. You will waste time, energy, and money going this route. You could see an initial uptick in sales, but it won’t last, you have little control over sales tactics, and you ruin your company’s reputation without an internal sales team.  

We have an established sales team, but I am seeking mentorship to be a better leader and improve team performance. Is this right for me?

Yes, great question! I recommend jumping in to gain access to the advanced sales leadership mentoring, sales team training, and the course so that you can easily update, refresh and up-level existing assets that you and your team need. We find less than 10% of companies have in place what they need to scale a high-performance team, so we have it all covered for you!

"Working with Michelle was the BEST experience we have had in a class."

“She showed up every morning with a ton of enthusiasm for the topic. Her knowledge is incredible, and she is extremely supportive of meeting you where you are. Having Michelle on your team is invaluable for growing your Sales. She is the perfect 1-2 punch of knowledge and energy!

Annie Walther, Head of Communications, Clearview Bookkeeping LLC

Still not convinced?

Hmmmm…. I get it. You’re a savvy business owner who’s not easily persuaded by emotional arguments so let me lay some cold hard facts on you.

“Firms where salespeople use the company’s methodology and get consistent coaching see 73% quota attainment.”
• 149 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics To Consider In 2023, Spotio

Yes!!! This is why I show you how to tailor the training to your offers and your business.

“Every dollar invested in sales training returned $29 in incremental revenues.”
• 149 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics To Consider In 2023, Spotio

Exactly why I’m not only showing you how to find and hire the best – but also how to TRAIN them.

“Continuously-reinforced training is said to result in 50% higher net sales per sales rep.”
• 21 Mind-Blowing Sales Stats, Brevit

This is where your custom Sales University and Toolkit will set you apart – you’ll use it to CONTINUE training and see those sales soar.

“65% of sales reps who often or always hit goals attribute it to support from sales leadership.”
• 15 Sales Training Statistics to Consider in 2023, Fit Small Business

That’s why sales leadership is an essential part of the FREEDOM framework and I make it a priority to show you how to transition from salesperson to sales leader.

““Almost 50% of sales leaders say a stressful onboarding process has caused new hires to quit.”
• 15 Sales Training Statistics to Consider in 2023, Fit Small Business

Luckily you’ll never be part of this statistic with my incredible support, training, and easy-to-implement templates.

Time For

A Decision, Boss!

It’s clear to me you have one of three choices:


Maintain the status quo – keep doing what you’re doing, run the risk of plateauing, growing frustrated with your business, or worse yet, burning out completely.


Hand over your sales to an external agency – putting your company’s revenue and reputation on the line in the process.


Enroll in the Startup Sales Leadership Academy – arming yourself with all the necessary tools and guidance to effectively build and lead your sales team.