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Entrepreneurs everywhere are blowing up their revenue goals by building smart, aligned high-converting sales systems.

đź’ˇBecause they know being good sales is the difference maker.


We’re not talking about dancing on video and then creating hours of content, crossing your fingers, and hoping qualified leads find you. 

Instead, we want you to focus on daily sales activities, mastering conversations, and actually creating human connections.

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What People are saying about Sales Success Lab

What is Sales Success Lab?

The Sales Success Lab is a sales leadership immersion program that teaches online entrepreneurs how to build out their sales process and reach their revenue and impact goals. 

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you are in. Whether you’re a new or an established coach, consultant, or service provider, Sale Success Lab will help you or your sales team develop high-performance selling habits, make selling FUN, and hit revenue goals. 


Who teaches Sales Success Lab?

Sales Success is led by Michelle Terpstra, a former Fortune 500 Sales Leader, and now Sales Coach and Offer Strategist for online entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service providers. Michelle is on a mission to help entrepreneurs master sales skills so that they can grow their businesses with ease, joy and purpose. She has helped nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs maximize revenue through her courses, coaching, and workshops.