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Drive more sales with an organized lead management system

Instead of obsessing about the finish line- the sale- focus on the actions that get you there and enjoy a peaceful and predictable sales process

"Thank you Michelle for bringing sanity back into my business!"

ashley m.

During this masterclass, you're going to learn...


How to set up your pipeline stages. 

Your pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process. It’s totally customizable to fit how you work. Name the stages based on the steps you take opportunities through to close or just use my template! Now you’re ready to fill it in with deals. 

Focus on sales actions. 

Instead of obsessing about the finish line – the sale- focus on the actions that get you there. A sales activity is anything moves your opportunities toward closing. It can be an email, DM, text, Discovery Call or anything in between. Schedule plenty of activities and never wonder what to do each day ever again to make sales! #freedom



Track progress towards new sales.

As you complete activities and drive opportunities forward, your pipeline acts like a coach helping you stay on track. This tool acts like your biz bestie ensuring that you never lose motivation! #accountability 

Optimize and grow.

A pipeline management system provides valuable data to get your sales process down to a science. No more shutting your eyes and hoping for the best. All that’s left is to refine your winning formula and set even bigger goals! #peacefulprofit



  • You’re a coach, consultant, service provider or agency owner that’s ready to stop reinventing the wheel and overcomplicating sales.
  • You’re struggling to keep leads organized (and you are ready to fix this!)
  • You’re confident you can create amazing results for your clients (you just don’t know how to keep revenue consistent)
  • You’re ready to ditch shiny object syndrome (and stay focused on daily sales activities!)
  • You’re ready to call in MASSIVE profit and are eager to put in place a sales system that will help you get there!

"I can't believe how many leads I was missing - so excited to follow up!"

katie b.

meet michelle

Michelle Terpstra is a high energy fun-centric entrepreneur and always finds time enjoy a heart pounding Peloton ride.

As a sales coach and strategist, she helps growth focused entrepreneurs maximize lead conversions, set premium prices for their services, and take back control over their sales process.

Michelle spent over 10 years as a Sales Leader for 3 Fortune 500 Companies and helps entrepreneurs transform their belief that sales has to feel hard, icky and frustrating into loving the sales process and looking forward to Discovery Calls! 

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