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how Bob generated $500k

…CEOs of online brands and businesses who want to boost their sales without shouldering the burden themselves can rely on the support of a sales team. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – download your free report today and take the first step toward achieving your business goals!

the starter kit

4-part video training

…We understand that letting go of sales responsibilities can be daunting, but it’s a necessary step towards maximizing the growth and profitability of your business. With this training and consulting session, you’ll be able to confidently take this next step and achieve your sales goals.

the academy

step into sales leadership

…Replace yourself with a highly scalable sales system and say goodbye to endless sales calls and DM convo’s forever by building, training, and retaining your internal virtual sales team in just five weeks by implementing the FREEDOM Framework™ beloved by the top brands and agencies in the online business world. 

Building a sales team shouldn't be hard, it should feel like a natural next step in growth.

You're busy, making an impact, clients love you but you want more.

You’re crushing multiple six-figures or passing the seven-figure marker, but for some reason, you aren’t experiencing the ultimate freedom you desire as an entrepreneur. 

You have likely explored dozens of options for scaling beyond your current revenue, but the buck keeps stopping with you to make all the sales. 

Instead of being thrilled to see dozens of sales call on your calendar, you’re secretly hoping many of them miraculously purchase without talking to you.  

As a Fractional Chief Sales Officer, I am hired to come in at this moment. 

Unfortunately, many scaling CEOs experience costly lessons before working with me – like hiring a sales closing agency before their sales system is ready to scale with a team. Losing massive amounts of money, damaging their brand reputation from off-brand sales conversations, and devaluing their company by outsourcing client acquisition. 

It’s the harsh truth behind the opportunity cost of skipping steps to scaling with a sales team

This is why I productized my knowledge and skills (only took hundreds and hundreds of hours! 🤣) so that you can benefit from my experience and success without spending multiple six figures on a Fractional CSO

I believe in building businesses that are self-reliant so that you can experience true freedom by exiting the day-to-day sales responsibilities or selling your business for top dollar. 

So if you want this too…

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You + Me.
Startup sales leadership academy.


Some of the biggest names in the online biz space; Your Virtual Upline, Goodlife Institute, The Litt Factor, Allie Bjerk, The Free Mama Movement with Lauren Golden, Dr. Beth Westie, 7-Figure MSP, Women In Business, Dream Starters Publishing, Leading Ladies with AliceAnne Loftus.

“No one is born a great sales leader, but everyone can become one.”

michelle terpstra