the closer bundle

fix your sales leaks...

…master ALL types of sales conversations and watch your revenue skyrocket. This bundle covers Discovery Calls, Objection Handling, Follow Up, Closing in the DMs and how to secure Strategic Partners that will take your biz to the next level. 


Offer Stacking Made Easy

…how to price package and position your offer stack for unstoppable sales. Using the Power of 3 Method, you will naturally convert more of your audience into paying clients so that you can create a sustainable business model and higher profits. 


Close 80% of Calls in Just 30 Minutes

…an easy to follow Discovery Call framework designed to help you connect and convert more calls into clients without the stress, sweat or sleaze. You will look forward to calls and enjoy the feeling as hearing “YES!” This is the fastest path to more sales!

Sales shouldn't be hard, it should feel natural.

You're busy, but you know that you could be earning more.

You are confident in your value, but communicating that clearly and concisely to make sales seems REALLY HARD.

My genius lies in helping my clients communicate what they know inside to their ideal clients in a way that feels authentic so that selling becomes a way of life- a way to hit those big financial goals in less time!

You may have a very engaged audience, be well liked (even admired!) but then you freeze when it comes to transitioning from free value to asking for the sale.

By eliminating the things that take up time, but don’t produce revenue, we create space for a simple and powerful sales strategy.

So if you have happy clients, but want more of them without more stress…

You’re in the right place!

coaching + Strategy


Offering options to best fit your needs…
Perfect for knocking out next level moves inside your business.

rebecca branham

"I've shown up for myself and done what Michelle recommended"

I now have people reaching out to me instead of chasing them or wondering where the next client will come from.

• holistic health, life + mindset coach

Skyrocket your sales doing these five things and never look back!

Sales Mentorship designed and created to scale.


Create a clear offer stack that motivates your ideal clients to say heck yes! Not only will you learn to convert more leads into paying clients, but you will also design your business to fit both your financial and lifestyle desires.

Master your sales messaging to grow a community of loyal raving fans! By understanding what motivates people to buy, you will learn to create an ecosystem of content that magnetizes your soulmate clients right to your offers. 



Develop your communication, influence and persuasion skills to always know what to say during sales conversations! The most successful business owners are master networkers, build strong alliances and can communicate clearly and concisely in any situation. Let’s unlock your X-Factor and skyrocket your sales!

Now it’s time to activate your organic evergreen enrollment strategy!  Turn more of your audience into clients now. By developing a mini course, you will quickly see how this tool will do the heavy lifting for you so that sales conversations turn into short, easy chats that end in … “Where do I sign up?”



Implement a client appreciation and referral program so that you can enjoy consistent referrals all while showcasing your clients’ successes! 


"By using Michelle's pricing strategy..."

…I had a $15k month working just two weeks into my fourth month of business.




Say good-bye to shiny object syndrome and hello to sales success.


I offer group support alongside optional and additional private support inside the lab to best fit your needs (options at checkout!)




The lab is evergreen and you can start at anytime, but if not now, when? Don’t make another excuse or let another sales call end in “I will think about it.”

Sales Success Lab

Starting at just...


Limited spots available.

let me guess...

you have been thinking about a sales mentor for a long time

You’ve been saying forever that you are going to start selling with confidence and get out of your own way…

And you just haven’t made it a priority. 

i'll simplify it for you

You + Me.
Sales Success Lab.

have a question?

Do you take private clients?

My private clients spots are limited. Please book a call to discuss availability and eligibility.

Are you available for live event bookings?

Yes! I would love to speak at your event, virtually or in person. Please book a call to discuss topics and availability.

Can you teach my students about sales?

Absolutely. Please book a call to discuss how I can support your students.

Do I need to run ads to grow my business with you?

Everything we create together will start as organic outreach, sales and marketing. Once mastered, you will have the opportunity to invest in ads through a trusted affiliate partner. 

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

Be you, bravely.

Sales Software

Simply your sales process, using these tools.

Before you outsource, consider adding some simple and inexpensive software tools to your business to reduce selling time and make more sales with ease. I use all these tools inside my business and below you will find my affiliate links.

Group Leads

7-Day Free Trial, Paid plans start at

Group leads helps you convert new FB group members into leads in your favorite email marketing software. It saves you time and money by allowing you to add new group members data into your Google sheet as well as your autoresponder.


Free plan available, Paid plans starting at

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to multiple locations simultaneously like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Crystal Knows

Free Trial Available, Paid Plans Starting at

A Chrome extension that integrates DISC personality insights into the most common applications of sales conversations. By analyzing a LinkedIn profile in just 30 seconds, Crystal can guide you to say the right thing at the right time based on your prospect’s personality and automated DISC assessment.

Dubb Video

Free 7-Day Trial, Paid Plans Starting at

Send Video Messages via social media, text or email to get more conversions, responses and bookings! The personalization of video communication will certainly help you make more sales!

Check out a sample video flow here.

Britney thornton-homco

"In just one month I've booked more sales calls than I ever have before"

I’ve closed more deals than I ever have before, closed more deals at a HIGHER PRICE than I have before and spent less time on those sales calls than I ever have before. CRAZY!


“No one is born a great sales leader, but everyone can become one.”

michelle terpstra