I am Michelle Terpstra, Founder + CEO of The Startup Sales Leadership Institute.

The key to success running any business is one’s ability to gain buy-in on their ideas, products and services so I created a space to help others achieve this. 

real talk:

not so long ago...

I was working for a fortune 500 company and struggling to balance my drive for success and my desire to control my schedule and lifestyle.

I spent 3 or 4 nights a week hustling at networking events trying to generate new leads during my corporate days… but now, instead of running around the greater Los Angeles area, I have created a booming online business that feels 100% in alignment with my financial and lifestyle goals.  

I built this business quickly using my sales expertise, creativity and power to connect and convert my ideal clients on demand.

According to all the “gurus,” having fun and selling is impossible. However, if you ask my clients, you will find out that this is simply not true.

Persuasion, influence and confidence can be learned. Once this power is unlocked, you have access to any dream you desire. It is my mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs master these skills so that they can also grow their businesses with ease, joy and purpose.

now let's talk about the time that i pulled my hammy

do you have any party tricks?

I used to, until I pulled my hammy.

Back in the day — before my Friday Nights consisted of youth football or watching Descendents 3 for the 45th time — I used to love going out!

All my friends knew that I had some pretty cool yoga pose tricks (think arm balances inversions and all kids of crazy things) and more often than not, I was dared to show off these moves.

One cold evening in the winter, I accepted the challenge and jumped right into eight-angle pose. For those of you not familiar with this, it’s basically an extreme bound twist while in an arm balance.

In yoga, we call this a peak pose.

Peak poses are called this… well because… they are designed to be performed at the peak of the class when your body is warm and capable.

PSA: Peak poses ARE NOT intended for cold nights out on the town with friends.

Needless to say… I pulled a hammy.

I spent the next month in extreme pain and beating myself up for doing something so reckless.

so what does this have to do with sales?

i often hear...

“Michelle, I need to get my branding colors, website designed, and a professional photoshoot before I can start increasing my sales.”

This is the thing: The pretty and polished business is a peak pose (like my website, right?!).

Selling skills… well that is the warm-up you are missing.

If you attract your ideal clients with pretty photos, website and Instagram but then can’t convert those leads into paying clients… well then… you too pulled a hammy.

Let’s build your business in the right order for the fastest growth possible.

So if you want to peak, sales skills first (then a cool website like mine!)

(And from what I’ve seen, in most other programs sales skills are taught last).

If you’re ready to ditch “perfect” and start making real money, the Sales Success Lounge is what you need.

(Coincidentally, when start making money you can pay someone else to help you make all the things perfect and skip the DIY!).  

Let’s make sales fun (yes, I’m totally serious)! Come join me inside the Sales Success Lounge!


P.S. I can still do Crow pose as one of my party tricks.


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“I’ve dubbed Michelle the persuasion wizard”

What I love about her approach and teaching is that it’s all based on having authentic and real conversations with people, meeting them where they’re at, and simply showing them your value through being yourself and offering assistance”


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