Create a Simple Sales Process
that Works

Heal Your Relationship with Selling and
Hit 6 Figures in the Process

(without spending your life on social or
resorting to any sales tactics that would make you cringe)

You’re after those elusive 5 figure months (the holy grail of the online business world).

You’ve already tried a number of group programs to help you get there.

And while they were useful in some ways, none of them helped you make the BIG impact you’re looking for.

You’re still hanging around in the 2k - 5k per month space and it feels like everyone else is hitting the income goals YOU WANT.

Which has left you wondering;

“What’s their secret?”

And you know what?

They do have a secret!

Just not the kind you think....

Their big secret is;

They know how to SELL!

Here’s the sobering fact:

The vast majority of online entrepreneurs who hit 6 figures in the first 12 months or less have a significant background in sales.

And those group programs you’ve done, didn’t include sales training, did they?

So you’re left with an audience (who are probably ready to buy from you) and no idea how to...

...actually turn them into paying clients!

Imagine how easy your business would feel if you had...

I know, I know,

Sales is a dirty word, right?!

You’ve probably been traumatized by having a discovery call with someone who said things like...

“If you need to ask your husband then you’re disempowering yourself as a woman


what’s going to change in the next 24 hours that requires you to think about it?”

Which made you vow that you’d never be a...


So you went the other way!

Now you avoid calls altogether!

Just in case it comes across as pushy or sleazy or salesy!

But let’s face it...

This all ties into a bigger problem that suits the “Sales is Sleazy” message we’ve bought into...

We’re actually terrified of selling ourselves!

So we tell ourselves we’ll never be good at sales because we just don’t have the right personality for it.

But really, we’re just hiding!

It doesn’t have to be like that though...

You can be confident selling your business AND yourself.

You can feel aligned with your sales process.

Selling can be fun and easy!

And then hitting 6 figures becomes simple as well.

Hi, I’m Michelle.

You’re going to love having me as your hype woman with a plan!

After 10 years working for 3 Fortune 500 Companies in sales, I decided to take all of my expertise and start a sales coaching business.

I booked out my private coaching business within a few short months and then launched my elite group coaching program shortly after.

In just one year, over 40 students have joined my group program and I continue to serve my 1:1 clients.

I am set to hit multiple 6-figures this year with less than 1000 people on my list.

And do you know how I did that?

I created a framework for showing up for calls with confidence, a system to move leads through my business one step at a time and a pricing model that made my offers so easy to say yes to.

I call this my aligned system for SELLING!

Now I want to teach you these same strategies to you…


Consider this step by step system...

Your 6 month compact Sales Degree!

(and imo, the new mandatory requirement to starting an online business)

What People are saying about SSL

I get it, you’re busy, you’re tired, you’ve been burned before.

So when I tell you this is not your average business program, you’ll probably think “yeah right, I’ve heard that before”!

So I’ll let my students do the talking…

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