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Entrepreneurs everywhere are blowing up their revenue goals by building smart, aligned high-converting cash generating systems.

💡Because they know being good sales is the difference maker.


We’re not talking about dancing on video and then creating hours of content, crossing your fingers, and hoping qualified leads find you. 

Instead, we want you to focus on daily sales and marketing activities, mastering influence, developing leadership skills and creating high-impact networks.

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What People are saying about Michelle

- Michelle Vroom, The Dream Client Accelerator

- Veronica Hoddenbagh, VH Coaching


- Emily reagan, Unicorn digital marketing

- Lauren golden, free mama movement

"Working with Michelle was the BEST experience we have had in a class."

“She showed up every morning with a ton of enthusiasm for the topic. Her knowledge is incredible, and she is extremely supportive of meeting you where you are. Having Michelle on your team is invaluable for growing your Sales. She is the perfect 1-2 punch of knowledge and energy!

Annie Walther, Head of Communications, Clearview Bookkeeping LLC

"Not sure how you do it, Michelle, but whatever magic it is, it works!"

“Since working with you, sales are coming in faster than usual, and my team is crushing it!”

Mike Fallat, CEO + Founder, Dreamstarter Publishing



“The quality of your content, support, interventions and resources are top notch and superb."

They are easy to execute and leave no questions to be answered. I’m 100% sure that your support will help me to scale my newest product and develop a world class sales team.”

Lani Dickinson, CEO + Founder, Thrive on Purpose 

“During the process I reviewed my offer landscape..."

“…and improved so many things on the backend of my business. This is way more than preparing a Sales University for my in-house team.”

Juliana Gantcheva, CEO+Founder, Juliana Joy Coaching

"Michelle, it's mind-blowing what you have put together."

“I feel empowered to grow my business with a strategic sales process that includes a new sales professional. I can’t thank you enough; this was an incredible experience.”

Dr William Lewis, CEO + Founder, Willhouse Global

"I see our sales process and the whole opportunity in a completely different way after working with Michelle."

We have been able to re-design our sales process in a way that feels much more strategic, easy, and achievable. I never loved sales, but now I am excited by it, and Michelle showed me ways I could grow my business and my team without having to be the main chief salesperson. Highly value and recommend her wealth of experience and knowledge she shares with her clients.”

Raimonda Jankunaite, CEO + Founder, Women In Business