Are you considering hiring your first sales professional for your business? In this article, we’ll discuss three essential factors to consider before taking this significant step. By examining these criteria, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision on whether or not your business is ready for its first sales hire.

➡️ You have a product, offer or service that is scalable.

Why this matters: A sales professional will want to earn commissions quickly. Your business must be prepared to handle an influx of sales so that they can sell without restriction.

What to do if you don’t have scalability but want to:Sit down with a sales strategist (shameless plug, that’s me! 🤣 ) and make the fulfillment shifts you need to sell without a ceiling.

You have calculated the cost of goods to deliver your product, program, or service and have determined you have enough profit to pay a sales professional 10%-20% of all sales they make.

Why this matters: Most service-based/professional service businesses are blind (to some degree) to their profitability. It could crush the health of a business if there is no room to pay a sales professional.

What to do if you don’t have enough wiggle room to pay someone or aren’t sure what your true profitability is:Seek professional help from Fractional Chief Financial Officer, your CPA, or other trusted financial planning resources. Once you have the number, and if it’s too low to compensate a sales professional, it’s time to rework your pricing. (Yep, I got you covered here, too 😉 )

You are ready to take on the sales leader role and step away from being the only person making sales in your business.

Why this matters:You MUST prepare your business for this shift. It’s not a quick one-day task. It’s crucial to prepare your business to scale with a sales team. If this is skipped, you will lose money (like a lot!), risk damaging your brand without quality control processes in place for selling, and your ego will get a WHOOPIN when your sales decline.

What to do if you aren’t sure how to step in sales leadership and shift these to your selling system? 

Ready to Step into the Leadership Role

so you can scale your business and gain freedom?

Until next time, friends, happy selling!

Michelle Terpstra


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